Senior Moving Testimonials

We're honored when Island Transitions clients take the time to tell us how our senior moving consultants assisted their parents with the difficult task of relocating from their family home. We also love to hear from families that have taken advantage of our professional home organizing services to make their daily lives easier. These are some of the many comments we've received.

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Written Testimonials

Dear Kathleen..

I wanted to formally thank you for your exceptional service in helping me make the move from Montauk, NY. to The Villages, FL.

You were masterful in helping me decide how to keep or eliminate furniture and other belongings.

Your staff was amazing.  They packed everything so carefully and gave me a box- by-box  inventory list.  It made unpacking so much easier and organized.    And, there was absolutely no breakage.

I would highly recommend you in a heartbeat.  Your clients will be so happy they chose you to handle things.

Best wishes,
Maggie McAleer

Daniel Davids
February 27

Can you guess the three biggest stressors in life?

I'll give you the first 2: Death and losing your job. Number 3?

Moving. Now add on top of that, imagine moving on a fixed income. Or moving when you're sick. How about both? EXTREMELY STRESSFUL!

Enter Kathleen Mazza from Island Transitions.

Kathleen is an organizing nerd (sorry Kathleen). She helps transition seniors from messy homes that are too large and too much to manage by themselves, to a more suitable residence (smaller homes, assisted livings, daughter's house, etc...) and does it in an orderly fashion.
Kathleen Mazza is a superstar of the senior community. She, as part of Island Transitions, helps people just like your parents move when they need to.

There is some serious hand holding required to move out of the home your parents spent 30, 40, 50 years in.
Moving out of the home they brought their children up in.

Moving out of the home they made a lifetime worth of memories in.

Kathleen is dedicated to making this transition as easy as possible. Check her out at for more information about her amazing service.

When your parents have to make the decision to move, it can be scary for them- it can be scary for you... but it doesn't have to be. To see the whole interview, check out Long Island Fall Prevention

Dear Kathleen,

Over a year ago I mined the internet, hoping to find a gem of a senior moving service for my mother, a woman in her nineties. And I found you.

My mother was selling her two story home and moving into a one bedroom senior residence. She had to downsize her belongings, find places to donate what was left behind, get her TV and phone hooked up, configure her furniture, hang up her clothes, and put many, many more items into drawers. But, she didn’t have to! Because you and your wonderful team did it all for her!

We were very, very pleased that the items she would need to leave behind went to charities that were very deserving. You had steered us to these charities.

Even after my mother had settled in, you continue to respond to my texts, my questions, as soon as you possibly can. You give care and after care, Kathleen.

Thank you,
Brooklyn, NY

Senior Move Manager Testimonial

For those who have difficulty reading the handwriting of this heartfelt letter.

Dear Kathleen,

     Thank you for your steadfast support and guidance with the unusual and trying circumstances surrounding my Mom’s move. I appreciated your calm manner and your hopeful encouragement when it seemed like this move was never going to happen. 

     When you first came to the house, you put the move in context. That gave my Mom confidence to go ahead with the trial run at the senior community, which then helped her make the difficult decision to move out of her home of 65 years.

     You are professional in every aspect. I’d be happy for you to use these words as a testimonial on your website and to serve as a reference for future clients.

Warm regards,

Ellen Kandell

Good morning Kathleen,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for our move to Florida.  Everything went smoothly, all boxes arrived safely and in about 10 days.  Your inventory list and box contents are really helping us now as we unpack the boxes.  We can choose which box needs to be unpacked and which can wait.

Again thank you.

Kathy & Tom Bast

Eyes for Hire

"Before my husband, David, died last summer, we had plenty of semi-formed plans of what work we wanted to do for our home.  We’d already made changes that could be done beyond the living areas of the house.  Then we were stopped by our clutter.  It overwhelmed us. Additionally, I’m blind so there was just so much I could get done on my own. After he died, a friend suggested I contact Kathleen Mazza, whom I already knew.  She had been a great help to some people I knew who were moving from their homes to smaller spaces.  I was not moving, but this sounded like a great idea. The first step was determining my goals.  I wanted a break from clutter to move around more freely starting with the living room and carry out those semi-formed plans.  I needed help in de-cluttering but did not want to “just toss.”  We had decades of photos and, to my amazement, Kathleen caught on to the members of our respective families with some dates on photos and my memory of what key people looked like and how they dressed. We’ve gone through boxes of paperwork (unavoidably tedious) and shelves of knick-knacks, most of which I remembered and could decide who should get what. Kathleen has helped me to keep focus and to know when I needed my own pace to sit with a memory." - Linda Kirk, Port Jefferson, NY

"Here recently she took it upon herself to call me and let me know that she checked on my dad and sent me a great picture of them and letting me know how happy my father is where he is at and she has just been so wonderful and caring. This was a very hard time for my family and she was just an angel sent to help me get through this."

"She is so lovely. I used her in the summer of 2015. She helps seniors arrange their possessions and facilitate their homes to move to an assisted living facility. I live in Maryland and my parents lived in New York. I came there to help them and ran into Kathleen and she has just been phenomenal. I did not know where to start and she helped me from start to finish and she gained my father's trust and helped him with his clothes and completely arranged his new apartment in the facility to help him feel at home and comfortable. She arranged with me and her staff to clear the home and sort through the possessions of my parents and getting them moved to sell the home. Everything was split up between 6 grand kids all around the country and she got everything sent to those specific places and helped me make arrangements to give things away. Since I live so far away, I would have had no idea what I would have done without her!"

Sincerely, Anne H., Washington D.C.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful help during a difficult time with my sister Rhoda’s move.” Joan Blank, Holbrook

 “I couldn’t have lived through this move without you! Sherry B., Port Washington

"Thank you for your strong support in helping me to move from my home of 56 years. I can't believe how much stuff I had accumulated over time. Your team was great and even found my missing $2600 cash! You were always positive and in control of the task at hand, when I was not! I'll miss seeing you and would give Island Transitions a 10 out of 10 rating!" With gratitude, Rhonnie Lewis, Oceanside, NY

"Thank you for making this move so easy. I would recommend your service to others." Yours truly, Sylvia Chatzinoff. Del Ray Beach, FL

"I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Kathleen Mazza and her staff at Island Transitions. Earlier this year, Kathleen assisted us in the preparation, downsizing, organizing, packing, moving, and unpacking of my parents from their home of 62 years into a life-care community apartment. Being that my folks had accumulated over six decades of belongings, were averse to change, and initially completely opposed to any such move, this was no small task! I and my family members were not having much success- until we brought Kathleen into the picture. To make a long story short, we accomplished this difficult but necessary task. My parents are now adjusting well in their new, and far more suitable and safer location. How did this happen? I have to give major credit to Kathleen and her staff. Kathleen is an extremely kind, supportive and understanding person, yet one who smartly grasps the realities of a situation, both technical and personal, can execute a long term plan, runs her service with great professionalism, engages highly qualified persons to work with her, and works seamlessly with movers. Through her contributions, tough decisions were made and agreed to, support was given to every family member, a dizzying array of belongings were organized, reduced or otherwise sold, arrangements were made to deal with a maze of logistics, frayed emotions were assuaged, and a complicated move was flawlessly orchestrated and executed! Everything and everyone arrived in great condition. Throughout it all, Kathleen remained the consummate professional- as did every ancillary agent she suggested we bring in- yet her genuine personal commitment to her work, and her clients, also made the difference. I cannot imagine a more qualified person and service to assist with such a process. I highly recommend Kathleen and Island Transitions, without reservation." Gary Schultheis, NY

"Thank you so much for easing the burden of closing my Mom's apartment. She was there for 27 years (3 years living alone). It meant so much to me that you cared for her things as if they were yours! You have a very special gift of compassion. Your amazing efficiency is also very much appreciated! P.S. The birds have flown the nest from my Mom's apartment window sill!" Yours truly, Nancy Yen, Port Jefferson, NY

"Your team did a great job and we were VERY happy with their work. We couldn't believe how quickly our belongings arrived in Massachusetts. You and your crew were a huge help and we couldn't have done the move without you. It was a pleasure having you around and I miss seeing you!" Nancy S. Amagansett, NY

"Many thanks, Kathleen. You made this move much less painful than I thought possible!" Robert Green, Port Washington, NY

"Thank you for helping me with our walk-in bedroom closet and coat closet. I can now reach all of my clothes and I even found blouses I didn't remember buying! Vic is happy because his clothes are all on 1 rack now. I'm glad my son called you to help us out." Mary B. Westbury, NY

"It was a pleasure working with you to plan for my move to FL. You helped me with all the phone calls to social security, medicare, cablevision, PSEG, Florida Power & Light, and many others. I couldn't have done it without you!" Joyce Kramer, Northport

"Thank you again for your truly excellent help. You and your team made my parent's move out of their Long Island apartment smooth and painless. Your care, thoughtfulness and attention to detail made my mother very comfortable, which was so important. We're so happy to have worked with you." Howard C. New York, NY

"Thanks so much for all your help. Don’t know what I would have done without you!" All the best, Anne H., Dix Hills

"Thank you so much for your kindness and efficiency in assisting my sister Janey in her move from Setauket." Sincerely, Carol Long, Los Angeles, CA

"Kathleen was FABULOUS, full of energy and made the very emotionally draining process of packing move much more quickly. I had hit the wall and could not do anymore of it alone and all of a sudden it was done and I saw progress. I highly recommend Island Transitions. Very professional and friendly." Erica F., Southampton

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