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Posted On: July 30, 2019
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Aug 25, 2017

If your loved one is ready to move, a senior relocation specialist may be an option to seriously consider.  Starting a new chapter in a new place is never easy, but using a trained senior relocation specialist will provide professional organizing services with the comfort and support your loved one needs.

Feelings of anxiety are normal for anyone making a move, but those feelings are magnified in older adults as they may not have the physical ability to handle much of the packing and coordinating themselves. A senior relocation specialist alleviates these concerns allowing the family and the person moving to relax knowing the transition is in capable hands.

What to Pack

When you are younger and planning a move, the decisions are rather easy. Knowing whether or not to pack or throw away certain items comes more naturally. However, when an older adult is moving, they are often moving to a smaller or downsized location. The anxiety of having to throw away belongings can be overwhelming. The relocation specialists provide great help in this area. Deciding together what should be thrown away or, more importantly, gifted to family and loved ones can actually be a wonderful and touching experience via the trained and comforting hands of a properly trained specialist.

Senior relocation specialists are with you every step of the way from packing to moving and finally settling your into your new home. Although it is their job, a senior relocation expert truly understands the sentimental and emotional value of their position. They see their work not as a job, but as their passion. 

Island Transitions

Island Transitions has many years of senior relocation expertise on Long Island (including all of Suffolk and Nassau County). If you know an older adult who is considering moving, please give us a call.