Tips for Reducing Paper Clutter


Posted On: July 30, 2019
Posted On: July 25, 2019


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Apr 14, 2017

There are a million different items that someone could be saving. Sometimes it's something specific. In other cases, a person may save everything and anything. We understand that it is overwhelming. They don't know where to start in reducing the clutter. This takes time.

But there are alternatives in attempting to attack the entire mountain of stuff at once. Choose one group of items that take up a lot of space and that you feel will be easier to filter. We all want to see progress right away, and if you can remove large items it will create a noticeable difference. Just as long as that space is not filled with something else.

A reduction of newspapers is a smart place to begin. This is a frequently saved item that can pile up quickly. With the advent of the internet, newspapers, documents, books and other paper products may not seem relevant. But someone may not see it that way. Once the person adjusts their view, they realize the negative effects. Papers take an inordinate amount of time to organize, are a fire hazard, attract small insects that eat the fibers and eventually turn yellow if not properly stored.

Instead of removing the entire "collection" of papers at once, here are some ideas to make the process a little less overwhelming. Be sure to complement these points with a home organizing service such as Island Transitions.

Remove duplicate copies

The first action to take for reducing papers is to part with duplicate copies. People will sometimes grab and take home anywhere from one to several extra copies of a newspaper or other periodical. Especially if it is free. You may only need one article in the entire publication. If that is the case, pull out the one article and discard the rest of the papers.

Read the publication or article

In many cases, papers are saved only because they have not been read yet. Herein lies an answer. Set aside time to actually read the articles, maybe a few hours a week. Chances are that a large percentage of information is irrelevant. Either way, reading is fundamental.

Organize by category

Everything should be about organization. Set separate piles for newspapers, magazines, bills, mail, receipts, notebooks, et al. As mentioned, papers can yellow over the years. Therefore, storage containers with contents labeled are a great solution. Now that the papers are off the floor and protected from moisture, going back to sort through them will not seem as tedious.

Never give up

The process will improve in a slow yet steady pace. With regular effort, you will see a difference in your home. Clutter takes up space, both physically and emotionally. You’ll feel better when the burden of clutter is removed. Consult with a professional Long Island organizer for further assistance. We can make your goal of an organized home a reality for you. Let’s get started!